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SUSHI conveyors


CF System is probably the first and perhaps the only reality in Italy and Europe can design and build custom conveyors for Sushi.


CF System does NOT IMPORT the sushi conveyor from other countries, but it PLANS, DESIGN and BUILT ENTIRELY in Italy.


We are completely in control of our projects, we are able to customize the carrier according to customer requirements or to existing plans.


We can install and test the "sushi conveyor" in the restaurant of the client, if necessary, we will be able to make any future modifications or repairs to ensure the assistance, we also ensure the availability of spare parts if needed.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more explanation or clarification, in case you are interested in receiving a quote, you will have to simply specify:


- the path you want to create.

- model of plates that will be used (standard or special).

- if required, where to position the shelves to the tables on the conveyor, indicating the side on which to apply.

- any type and material of the coating (usually excluded for consistency with the decor of the room), indicating type, color, ....



Conveyors for SUSHI - Kaiten SUSHI conveyor   Italian version


Design and construction of customized sushi conveyor


Study, design and implementation of our SUSHI CONVEYOR-KAITEN is followed completely by our staff, advising and working with the customer's needs.


kaiten sushi installations zushi


All Zushi conveyor belts for SUSHI CONVEYOR KAITEN is planned and delivered in "modules", in this way the assembly on site is quick and easy and can be made by the client; in any case CF Systems also offers installation service and start-up on site.


kaiten sushi realizations


Some examples of SUSHI CONVEYORS we made.


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