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Conveyor ALUMINA feeder "ALUFEEDER"


The conveyor ball feeder for mill "ALUFEEDER" is designed for counting and feeding the alumina spheres inside the grinding mills.


On the basis of the programming ALUFEEDER is able to constantly feed the mills with alumina balls of various sizes and diameters.


The ALUFEEDER conveyor guarantees perfect continuity of feeding and work, eliminates consumption due to over feeding, solves the problem of non-loading by the operator..


ALUFEEDER conveyor belt is complete with a large hopper to accommodate the alumina balls, in this way it is able to guarantee automatic work for many hours.


The on-board electrical panel makes all the operations simple and automatic for each operator. On request it is possible to connect ALUFEEDER to the computer or PLC to receive commands from the general control cabin.


AUFEEDER is used to feed the mills in every industrial sector, especially in the ceramic sector.




ALUFEDER: Automatic ball feeder for mills







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